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Brewer's Reserve #5




2016 marks ten years since the first Brewer‰ۡó»s Reserve - and that meant it was time for our brewers to reach for the scotch. Not just for celebrating, but for creating Brewer‰ۡó»s Reserve No.5 - a beer matured in old whiskey barrels, absorbing all the secrets of a sublime single malt.

Aged for 18 months in 30-year-old whiskey casks, Brewer‰ۡó»s Reserve No.5 is a full-bodied limited-edition beer, infused with the secrets of whiskey-soaked wood.

Pouring a dark brown colour, it conjures a sherry-like aroma with notes of bourbon on the nose, while on the palate, it delivers sweet biscuit, fruitcake flavours and ripe notes of cherry - ending with a warm, smooth and satisfying finish.

A truly special beer that every ale lover should experience, Brewer‰ۡó»s Reserve No.5 comes in a 500ml bottle, presented in a stylish gift box.

8.5% ABV