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Garage Project




The response to our FRESH series has been overwhelming so far, to say the least. One of the most popular editions has been FRESH FEB, brewed with the hottest new hop out of America, ‘Strata.’ FEB was entered into the prestigious New World Beer & Cider awards, and became a finalist in the coveted Top 30.

What does this mean? For the first time ever, Garage Project FRESH cans will be available outside of GP venues, at New World stores across NZ.

We’ve re-brewed FRESH FEB, say hello to ‘FRESH IPA.’ Unfiltered and unfined, showcasing a unique combination of yeast, malt, and hops. Just fun, fresh hoppy beer at it’s best.

Hops : Strata
Malt: Ale, Toffee & Rolled Oats
Yeast: WLP008 East Coast Ale