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Godzone Beat

Fork & Brewer


Fork Brewing

The Champion Pale Ale of the NZ Brewers Guild Awards 2015. A New Zealand interpretation of Pale Ale. We‰ۡó»re a pretty lucky bunch to live here in New Zealand - Godzone country! Great music, great barley & maltsters and fantastic hop varieties‰ۡÌÝ_ What better way to celebrate them all than in a pint? Not just any pint, but one brewed with those Wizards of Commercial Creativity & beer-lovers extraordinaire (the folk behind Wellington in a Pint), Clemenger BBDO! A Crowded House of Nelson Sauvin hops, DD Smashed with some NZ Cascade & sprinkled with Herbs in the form of Pacific Jade, this is an ode to our hop! Who doesn‰ۡó»t love an orangey, grassy New Zealand Pale Ale with hints of lychee, pine & lime marmalade! Best served with a good dose of Kiwi music.

5.9% ABV