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6.5% ABV̴Ì_Red IPA

Following the success of Eric The Red, we release the follow up Red IPA Roxanne.̴Ì_Inspired by the Viking nautical theme of Eric, Roxanne is a Persian name meaning ‰ۡÌÝ?Dawn‰ۡó? and the reference of red sky in the morning sailors take warning.̴Ì_Even though we refer to the dawn and morning time, it doesn‰ۡó»t imply that this is a breakfast beer. Then again there are no rules when it comes to drinking beer as tasty as this.̴Ì_

A wonderful amber red colour, which comes from the specialty malts, but used in a way that the isn‰ۡó»t overly malty. The malt delivers a sweet caramelly malt note that marries perfectly with the fruity hops, and highlighted with the piney character from the Centennial hops.