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In Roman mythology, Vertumnus is the God of seasons, change and plant growth, as well as gardens and fruit trees. åÊChange! åÊNow there‰۪s a thought‰Û_.whilst enjoying our Pilsner one spring afternoon at the brewery, the brew crew asked what if we‰Û_.? So we damn well did.

We took everyone‰۪s favourite Pilsner and swapped every NZ hop in the recipe for those sassy US hops we love to use in our Brewers Reserve. åÊLifting the alcohol level and a touch of dry hopping has created a beautiful, bitter, crisp and aromatic Pilsner. åÊThe aroma screams hops and expectations are fully met all the way to the bottom of the glass‰Û_ which seems to happen all too often with this beautiful pint.

The brewers reckon this is the best thing that should have come out of America since triple bacon burgers and the Double Down. åÊRaise a glass of Vertumnus, to summer and all that it brings ‰ÛÒ here‰۪s to a nice change!

Alcohol: 6.1% ABV
Best Served: 5-7 å¡C
Standard Drinks: 2.4

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