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Earl Grey Tea Infused Lambic Beer Box

Oud Beersel


This is a pre-order item.  Place your order in by noon on Friday 23 August to secure your beer box.

Oud Beersel Brewery created a special bag-in-box. Due to the living micro-organisms, lambic continues to develop carbon dioxide. This bag-in-box is pressure-resistant up to 3 bar and ideal to contain Lambic beers. Once opened this box has a shelf life of 6 weeks if stored in the refrigerator. Perfect to share with friends!

Earl Gray tea infusion was added to this lambic. This tea is typical for its distinctive bitter taste, enriched with a hint of bergamot. In the lambic, this tea is pleasant not only for its bitterness, but the essential oil of bergamot complements the aroma and taste of wild yeast beautifully. If you like good teas and sour beers, this is the right beer for you.

Each 3.1L box contains the equivalent of 8.3 standard sized bottles worth of beer.

6.0% ABV