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Faux German



A 50/50 blend of our Good Lord Tripel, with Gewurztraminer juice, from the Waitaki Valley. Further co-fermented with Champagne yeast. Just prior to bottling, we threw in some noble hops for fun and balance. The spicy nose and taste is entirely from the yeast, malt, hop and grape combination. Is it wine or beer? Perfect for cellar aging.

Food pairing: Proper bread and butter. Asparagus crepes, Witloof gratin, and other strong temperate climate vegetables. Fish, mussels, soft and/or strong cheese, fowl, Christmas pudding, fruit desserts, nougat, jenever.

Dark gold pour. Pure white foam that dissipates fast.Tart dry sweet and sour. Fruity & fragrant. Grainy aroma with a tart overtone. Yeasty / Belgiany but then the sweetness from the wine, grape-like nose, fruity. Sweet, heavy, and full.
11% Alc/Vol. Bottle Conditioned. 6-8 months old at release. Nano batch, 100 litres. Vegan.