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Chocolate Beer Mixed Six Pack

Garage Project

$39.99 Regular price $41.94

This pack contains three cans each of Garage Project's Whittaker's Chocolate Beers.

5.2% - Dark Chocolate Stout

Beautifully bitter dark chocolate stout. Brewed with Canterbury malts, oats and roasted barley, infused with Whittaker's finest roasted Garnaian cacao beans then finished with a hint of espresso coffee, hazelnut and seville orange. Each can is dosed with a silky smooth mouthfeel, rich and bittersweet dark chocolate palate married seamlessly with notes of coffee, hazelnut and orange. Like liquid dark chocolate in a can.

5.2% - White Chocolate Stout

Creamy white chocolate milk stout. Brewed with New Zealand lactose, barley and oats and unfused with a delicate touch of Whittaker's cacao beans, vanilla, golden raspberry and Gisbourne lemon. Each can is dosed with nitrogen creating a beer with a silky smooth mouthfeel, lush vanilla milk sugar sweetness balanced with lifted notes of raspberry and lemon. Like liquid white chocolate in a can.