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Cape Brett

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Cape Brett is a 100% Brett fermented beer.  Brettanomyces differs from brewers yeast as it produces different, sometimes unwanted compounds in beer.  In the wine industry 'Brett' is considered a spoilage organism and a lot of time and resources are used to exclude it from the winery.  In the beer world, we are a little more adventurous and like to experiment with the unpredictable.  When brewing a 100% Brett beer, fruity esters (pineapple, mango) are derived as part of primary fermentation, rather than the horse blanket, barnyard aromas that the genus is famous for, when added in the secondary fermenter.  A lot more patience and attention is required when using this genus of yeast but we're true believers in the old adage 'good things take time.'

To compliment the wonderfully fruity esters derived from the yeast, we've added pineapple in the secondary fermenter.  The result is a juicy, hazy, naturally conditioned, flavourful beer.  With a body and perceived sweetness that belies the fact that the yeast has fermented out almost all the sugars.  This Cape Brett(anomyces) beer is everything we love about brewing.  Taking the ugly duckling of the yeast world and with a little more love and attention, we 'let it shine'.

Enjoy fresh or cellar to milk the funk.

5.0% ABV