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Blenders: Salted Caramel IPA & Baked Pear Sour



Beer Blender Salted Caramel IPA x Baked Pear Sour 6% - 2 x 250ml Cans (Contains Lactose)

Our latest release in the Beer Blender series!

Salted Caramel IPA - Dark and mysterious with caramelised notes of burnt sugar, lightly salted for maximum decadence.
Baked Pear Sour - Sweet and juicy, ripe pear up front with a long tart sour finish and just a hint of vanilla.

Each Beer Blender contains 2 x 250ml cans of beer, packaged together and designed to be enjoyed on their own or blended together for a third flavour experience!

1 - Taste Can A

2 - Taste Can B

3 - Blend together