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Xyauyu Barrel

Birra Baladin


Birra Baladin̴Ì_XyauyÌÎ_ Barrel is the result of a ‰ۡÌÝ?wicked idea‰ۡó? of Teo‰ۡó»s and years of research. It is a top-fermented beer which has gone through macrooxidation and has been aged in oak rum barrels to give it scents of dates, caramel and a delicate wooden note. When poured, it has no head and no gas; it has a dark color with copper nuances.

Alcohol content: 14%

Sugar density of the wort: Plato degrees 36

Color: EBC 40

Bitterness units: IBU 13

Serving temperature: 12/14̴åÁC