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Rawene (pronounced Rah-weh-neh) is the M‰âÂ?ori word for 'Raven'. The New Zealand Raven (Corvus antipodum) has been extinct since the 16th century.åÊ

Closer to home, Rawene Street in Birkenhead has since 1913 connected our local village to the national icon, Chelsea Sugar Factory.

We pay tribute to our heritage and this glossy black bird with our Coconut & Vanilla Oatmeal Stout. Deep brown, velvety smooth and complex, you'll catch aromas of chocolate with notes of vanilla and a subtle coconut sweetness finish that lingers.

Take flight with another great beer inspired by our hometown of Birkenhead.


Deep brown with a tight crema-like head, Rawene oozes smoothness and complexity. Initial chocolate malt aroma gives way to a delicate blend of esters, with notes of vanilla pod and subtle coconut sweetness. Body is voluptuous, with hop flavour and bitterness restrained to ensure drinkability. Liberal use of both flaked oats and barley provide a velvety mid-palate underling a cacao-like blend of chocolate and roast malts, laced with subtle, warming alcohol. The finish is a lingering blend of Coconut, Vanilla, and Chocolate; inviting just one more sip.

‰ۡÌÝÌÏHerb and Spice beer ‰ÛÒ Oatmeal Stout as the Base Style. Coconut used at various points in the brew and toasted coconut and vanilla pods added to the fermentation.



Cheese/Entree: åÊCreamy (mild) Blue, Camembert, 85% Cocoa dark chocolate.

Main: Pork belly, BBQ short ribs, Beef and Guinness Pie.

‰ۡÌÝÌÏDessert: Chocolate brownie, Banoffie Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cr̬me Brulee.


OG: 1.062 åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊABV: (v/v): 6%

FG: 1.017 åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ IBU: 22

Colour (SRM): ~48



NZ Fuggles


Malt profile:

Gladfield‰۪s Ale, Light Chocolate, Crystal, Roast Barley, Roast Wheat.

Harraway‰۪s Flaked Oats, Flaked Barley,