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Mojo Pin




Belgian Ale ‰ÛÒ 4.8% A clean Belgian style malt bill, balanced with NZ Golding & Pacifica Hops this beer is made to display the interaction between the Red Wine Yeast and the American Ale yeast which are pitched together. Starting sweet, but with a mellow bitterness the yeast flavours and esters do the subtle talking. This beer was made to bring change.



You've got to shift shapes and bring change. 'Life is flux' as Heraclitus put it. Pitching both American Ale Yeast and Red Wine Yeast intertwines in this Ale to create something unique from Central Otago. A clean simple malt bill balanced with Cascade Hops lets the Yeast do the talking.

After a Mojo Pin contemplating the Omega Point will become crystal clear; as too will how synchronicity works outside of space and time. 'Everything changes, and nothing stands still', 'The white horses flow, the memories fire, the rhythms fall slow,'

We've given this Belgian Ale some Mojo with some Pinot inspiration; this is the Alpha and the Omega of the river that you never step in twice.

Beer Geek Info:

Batch 1. (See neck of bottle for batch number)

Malt:åÊ Ale, Munich, Medium Crystal & Wheat

Hops:åÊåÊ Pacifica & NZ Golding

IBU's:åÊ 27

ABV:åÊ 4.8%

Yeast:åÊ Lalvin RC212 (Red Wine Yeast) & Safale S-05 (American Ale Yeast)