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Vintage Ale - 2013



This beer is brewed from the recipe of an old barley wine, bottles of which were found in the brewery cellars, having laid there for 31 years. The beer had originally been 'laid down' in the late 1970's by George Bateman, to be enjoyed in April 1981, to celebrate Stuart Bateman's 21st birthday. However, the beer was forgotten about! The 'rediscovered' beer was from the last bottling of Batemans BBB.

The recipe is a blend of malts from Flagon and Tipple barleys and single variety Worcester Golding hops. After maturing in oak, the beer has flavours of plums, port, malt, brandy vanilla and almonds.

Each year's Vintage will have its own special characteristics due to the hand selected malts and hops, varying slightly from season to season.