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Manhattan Cocktail

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The brains behind J. M. R Cocktail Co are Amy Alexander and Jonny McKenzie, both hospitality seasoned veterans and they saw a gap in the market for a well-made (not sweet) pre-made cocktail. These 100mL ready-to-drink cocktails contain no added colour, sweeteners and preservatives. just good old fashion spirit, bitters and a splash of water. These are dry and bitter and designed for the cocktail connoisseur. All you need is glassware (as fancy as you'd like), ice (as big and chunky as you like) and maybe a garnish (whatever you like).

The MANHATTAN is one of the finest cocktails (and most traditional) perfectly combining whisky, vermouth and bitters. We recommend being fancy and serving this cocktail in a martini glass with a cherry. oh la la!

20.0% ABV

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