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4.7% abv IPA

After years of craft beers getting higher and higher in alcohol content, the new trend is for lower alcohol beers, but still with the high levels of hopping. These beers are now being called Session IPA‰۪s. (IMP has more hops than Armageddon IPA)

Why call it IMP? When Armageddon was released in 2009 the label made reference to an ‰ÛÏimpish brewer‰۝. The term was coined by beer writer Neil Miller (who helped write the label). It was used in context of ‰ÛÏsmall and mischievous‰۝. When making a beer below 5% abv, we had trouble thinking of an Epic name. ‰ÛÏIMP‰۝ captures the ‰ÛÏsmall‰۝ (low alcohol) and the ‰ÛÏmischievous‰۝ (high level of hops)