The third Monday of every month we host a beer tasting at Moon Under Water.  Here is what we served at the August 2019 tasting.

Guess Beer: Flame

1. Duncans: Orange Blossom - Brut Pilsner
2. Southpaw: Noble Art - Pilsner 
3. Urbanaut: The Mission - American Pale Ale
4. Moon Dog: David Boysenbowie - Sour
5. Deep Creek: Strength - American IPA
6. Epic: IPA On A Stick - IPA
7. Behemoth: Born To Hop - IPA
8. Schneider Weisse: Aventinus Eisbock - Eisbock

Tickets to future tastings can be purchased from the bar at Moon Under Water or from the Eventbrite page HERE.

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